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Service Children

We understand that life in the Armed Forces is unique, so occasionally you or your family might need a helping hand. Often, little things make the most difference. At Idsall School, we will support your child through their academic journey. We currently have a designated member of staff available to help and guide them, namely, Mrs Ellis. She is here to support and mentor when necessary and this can take many forms.


We have a weekly (call-in session) where students can eat lunch, have a chat, meet friends from the patch. This can be beneficial when someone has just arrived.

Support in learning  

We will monitor your child’s attainment and progress in the key areas of English and Maths. If they require support in either of these areas we have subject specific tutors available who will work with them.

Moving from school 

We will produce an up-to-date assessment of your child’s capability in readiness for their next school which will help with their transition to their new school. Conversely, if a service child joins our school, we will contact your previous school to obtain scholastic information. We also provide resources to help students deal with any curriculum gaps which may occur due to the changes in regional school syllabus.

Getting ready to move   

Moving around is one of the most difficult parts of life in the military for a young person. We are here to help when news of a move comes and to assist your child in preparing to join a new school. We have our own email address and the facilities to Skype so we can even keep in contact when a move is made.


We understand this can be a very challenging time for the whole family. We are here to support you if you need any help, Please contact Idsall School on 01952 468400 and ask for Mrs Ellis, if you want to discuss any concerns that you may have. We can monitor any changes in behaviour and levels of happiness, working with you to ensure as smooth a time as possible.