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Idsall School

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Our Trustees

School Trustees set the school's aims and policies together with the Headteacher, who is responsible for day to day management and operation of the school. Trustee responsibilities include monitoring and planning the school budget, staff recruitment, making sure the national curriculum is taught and that the school provides quality education for all pupils, including those with special educational needs.The trustee body can be contacted by emailing



Mr R Peters (Chair); Mrs J Bull (Vice Chair); Mr J Caine; Mrs R Playford; Mr D Brammer

Parent Trustees:

Mr R Peters; Mr M Smith; Mr A Stanley

Staff Trustees (Teaching):

Ms M King (Principal); Mr D Thomas

Staff Trustee (Non Teaching):

Mr R Hughes

Community Trustees:

Mr J Caine; Mrs R Playford; Mrs R Carey; Mrs J Higson; Mr G Morgan; Mrs J De Weijer; 

Co-opted Trustee:

Mrs J Bull

Total Trustees = 13
Up to 3 Co-opted as required and approved by Trustees